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Housing Choice Voucher

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is the federal government's major program for assisting very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market. Since housing assistance is provided on behalf of the family or individual, participants are able to find their own housing, including single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, mobile homes and apartments.

The participant is free to choose any housing that meets the requirements of the program and where the landlord is willing to accept the voucher payment. Housing Choice Vouchers are administered locally by Tatum Housing Authority (THA). THA receives federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to administer the voucher program.

A family that is issued a housing voucher is responsible for finding a suitable housing unit of the family’s choice where the owner agrees to rent under the program. This unit may include the family’s present residence. Rental units must meet minimum standards of health and safety, as determined by the PHA.

A housing subsidy is paid to the landlord directly by THA on behalf of the participating family. The family then pays the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by the program.

THA currently has an allocation of 63 vouchers, The Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan establishes guidelines for applicant eligibility and continued rental assistance.

THA programs provide housing assistance for families, elderly, and disabled individuals through our Public Housing Program and Housing Choice Vouchers Program.

Beckville Housing Authority (BHA) program provides housing assistance for families, elderly, and disabled individuals through our Public Housing Program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (HVC)

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is designed to achieve four major objectives:

  • To provide improved living conditions for low and very low-income families while maintaining their rent payments at an affordable level;
  • To promote freedom of housing choice and integrate lower income and minority families into mainstream society;
  • To provide decent, safe, and affordable housing for eligible participants; and
  • To provide an incentive to private property owners to rent to lower income families by offering timely assistance payments.
  • Landlord’s play a key role in meeting the objectives of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
  • Tenants can expect to pay about 30% to 40% of their monthly income towards their rent.


Port-In Instructions

If a family is interested in transferring their voucher to the Tatum Housing Authority (THA), they must first contact their Initial Housing Authority (IHA) and request to port to the Tatum Housing Authority jurisdiction.

Completed Portability Packets can be sent to:

The Tatum Housing Authority
PO Box 1066
Tatum, TX 75691

Attn: Nakita Hall

Section 8 Manager
Phone: 903-947-6464  
Fax: 903-947-3230 (preferred method)

Once the completed portability packet is received from the Initial Housing Authority and all household members permanent documents are received, the family will receive a letter from THA in the mail, with the date and time of their scheduled voucher briefing. The family must attend a briefing class in Tatum to receive a voucher. Should the family move from their currently assisted unit, they will need to contact THA and fill out appropriate paperwork to update their contact information. THA must have the following for all household members:

  • Copies of Birth Certificates
  • Copies of Social Security Cards
  • Copies of Driver’s License/picture ID for anyone 18 and older in the household

The Receiving Housing Authority (RHA), THA, abides by the issue and expiration dates of the voucher that was issued by the family’s Initial Housing Authority. THA will automatically extend the expiration fate of the voucher an additional 30 days in accordance with HUD portability policies. Please use voucher time wisely and be aware of the expiration date. The family will need to contact their Initial Housing Authority to request any additional extensions on their voucher and the IHA will need to send THA the updated paperwork. If there are any special needs, the family may request a reasonable accommodation. Please be sure to inform THA, in writing, if you move from your current unit in your leased jurisdiction and provide current mailing information.

THA is not responsible for any rental assistance until the unit has passed inspection and the Dwelling Lease and Housing Assistance Payment Contract have been executed. The effective Housing Assistance Payment Contract will begin on the first of the month following a unit’s passed inspection.

Port-Out Instructions

If a family is interested in porting their voucher to another jurisdiction, they must submit their request for portability in writing at the time of their annual re-certification. When a family requests portability, the location where they intend to port must be identified in the request and a 30-day notice to vacate will need to be submitted.

THA will contact the receiving PHA in that jurisdiction and advise them of the family’s intent and to determine if the receiving PHA is administering or absorbing portable vouchers. Once response is received, THA will determine if the portable voucher will be issued.

Portability will only be approved if the receiving PHA is absorbing the portable voucher or if the payment standard is less than the payment standard of THA for the voucher size. If the portability is approved, a voucher and corresponding portability documents will be issued to the family. The family’s portability packet will then be sent to the receiving PHA.

The family is responsible for contacting the receiving PHA regarding their portability once paperwork has been sent. The family must comply with the receiving PHA’s procedures for portability. Please use voucher time wisely and be aware of the expiration date.

Applicants must reside within the jurisdiction of THA for a period of one year prior to exercising portability options.

THA will not permit families to exercise portability if there exists ground to deny a move because of the family’s action or failure to act including violations of family obligations under their Housing Choice Voucher; the family owes money to THA; or the family has vacated the assisted unit in violation of the lease agreement.


Equal Housing Opportunity Provider Discrimination Prohibited
We are an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider.
We provide housing without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, physical or mental handicap, familial status, national origin, or other protected class. To file a complaint of discrimination, write HUD Director, Office of Civil Rights, 451 7th Street S.W., Washington, D.C. 20410 or call Customer Service at (202) 708-1112 (voice) or (202) 708-1455 (TTY). HUD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
In accordance with federal law and United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex or familial status. To file a complaint of discrimination, write HUD Director, Office of Civil Rights, 451 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC 20410, or call (202) 708-1112 (voice) or (202) 708-1455 (TDD).